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Porcelain Slabs - The new trend

These countertops produce clean lines with sleek fit and finish. If you like the look of marble, but are scared off by its brittleness and the fact it stains rather easily, then porcelain is an excellent alternative without those negatives. The advantages that most stand out to many homeowners include the durability of the material, how easy it is to keep clean and the fact that it is very low maintenance since it requires no sealing or refinishing. If those are among your priorities for your next countertop project, then be sure to consider porcelain countertops. On a practical note, if you have existing countertops that are in good condition and you want to reduce installation costs, then porcelain slabs installed over them is a money-saving option to learn more about when getting bids for porcelain countertops prices.

Garpa Company is a the exclusive distributor of Fondovalle Ceramics in Savannah area.

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